Rapid Response


LayMor SweepMaster 200

Sweepmaster 200

  • Brush wafer size 6-3/8 IDx 24” Dia.
  • Brush width 40”
  • Brush rotation speed 95 RPM
  • Travel speed 2.8 mph
  • Engine size 8 hp Honda
  • Fuel capacity 1 Gallon
  • Hydraulic oil capacity 5 Gallons
  • Sweeping angle 30 degrees either direction
  • Overall height 37.5”
  • Overall width 47”
  • Overall length 91”
  • Weight w/tire & brush 485 lbs.
  • Steel broom core
  • 30° left or right sweep angle
  • 40” brush – choice of polyethylene, steel wire or 1/2 poly and 1/2 wire
  • Variable ground speed
  • Dual drive motors
  • Return to neutral controls
  • Fixed displacement gear driven
  • hydraulic pump
  • 4.80/4.00 rear drive wheels and tires
  • Single point front caster adjustment
  • Front sealed iron casters with neoprene tires
  • Omaha orange paint

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No belts. No chains. No downtime. The SweepMaster 200 is the only all hydraulic drive sweeper in the industry. The independently variable ground speed and broom speed can be matched for challenging sweeping conditions, allowing you to get the best result for the job at hand. By placing the broom angle adjustment at the hand controls, the SweepMaster 200 makes it easy for the operator to adjust the broom angle when needed. The sweeping height can also be adjusted with a convenient hand crank that offers more precise adjustment for better sweeping performance and increased wafer life. And because of its repositioned engine and muffler, the SweepMaster 200 is safer and quieter to use.


Direct drive hydraulic broom
Broom angle adjustment at handlebar
Easy broom height adjustment
Fully sealed cast iron casters
Return-to-neutral safety control handles
Direct-drive hydraulic wheel motors


The optional lifting eye comes with an anti-reverse mechanism for safe and easy transport.